How do we ensure a fair assessment?

In a group, students were given different roles and are assessed individually based on the roles. Is this a fair assessment if the different roles requires different levels of commitment/work from the students? How do we then ensure that the roles assigned to them requires the same level of commitment? Is it necessary that they are the same level? Differentiated assessment?

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johndarcy said...

An important question to ask is, does fair equate to the same?

All students must be provided opportunities to achieve the intended learning outcomes - that does not mean all students must follow the same path to get there.

It is a good practice to provide learning experiences that are structured around group work. That said, how does an educator create an innovative, entrepreneurial teaching and learning environment if all students are expected to perform the same tasks?

In terms of workload and commitment these issues are logistics and they can been resolved by the students with the guidance of the teacher as well as peers.