First day was uneasy, second day tried to sink in, and the last was a relief... :D

We have been riding on this wave of change and hopefully one day (in 4 years time) will lead the wave of change. I am sure everyone of us in SST feels the challenge of inadequacy and wishes that we could transformed into a Tech-guru overnight (at least I desperately wish to be tipped by the magic wand of technology)!

I have always believed that the path to fulfillment is a JOURNEY full of doubts and challenges that will take you to places and times where you will be forced to confront the great UNKNOWN. However, NOTHING is impossible to a Willing Mind. As with all things, it is not what you are that holds you back, it is what you THINK you are not that keeps you in place.

May SST, Singapore leap beyond what is, into an Exhilarating world of WHAT CAN BE.

Together WE Leap, Together We Can!! ^^

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