Key Takeaway

One of the takeaways that I had while attending this workshop is the idea that a lesson experience should encompass around the students learning. There is indeed a tendency for us, teachers new to a 1-to-1 learning platform, to dictate what are the tools that the students would use in their learning and assessment, because we are still very much dictated with the tools that WE know and familiar with. But I would like to think that this will eventually evolve over time, as we gain more experience, and as our students get to be more proficient in the various tools and platforms that are available to them, we would reach a stage whereby we would not even be needing to dictate the specific platforms of presentation or repository, just a mere outline of what we intend to assess would probably suffice for the student to know what are the tools that would satisfy the teacher's given criteria.

Thus I would see some form of evolvement of the student-teacher interaction over time, and to me, this is indeed something exciting...can be quite discomforting sometimes, but definitely exciting!

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