Random thoughts...

Being here for just 3 months, web 2.0 tools no longer astonish me.   Feeling has changed from a "wow, I did not know such tools exist" to a "ok, so this tool allows  collaboration, what's new?"

It could mean that we are already moving ahead of the rest of the schools.  I can imagine I will still be ignorant of such tools if I am still in my previous school.  It could also mean that such novelty will be lost to our students by June next year and they will no longer be excited by such learning experiences.  Of course, if this happens, it does concur to what we had in mind during the Strategic Planning, ICT is IN us.  While others are showcasing their ICT lessons, we will probably go "hmm...isn't this the norm?"

Which lead to the question, "what's next?".  What must be something that we do that differ us totally from the rest?  hmm...a sudden thought just popped out as I am writing.  We could equip all students with basic programming knowledge using object-oriented programming for all students such as Alice (Get to know about this from the book "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch).  Individual subjects can create performance task which required students to use Alice.  

hmm...or we could offer Computer Studies as another "O" Level subject?

The other idea that caught my attention is the focus on quantity rather than quality.  This provides an environment for students to explore and improve.  Of course, the belief is that eventually the quality will come through.

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