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I don't have 1, but a few:

What are the various media components (hardware, software, knowledgeware) that CIS is currently using? Any Art, Design or Media-based specific programmes that leverages on ICT? What are the platforms or programmes in CIS that looks specifically at Innovation/Creativity/Critical Thinking, or contains a iteration of these elements?


johndarcy said...

At the moment CDNIS is using a massive tool kit of ICTs. We have opted to not restrict the technology choices teachers make. Consequently, teacher are using a range of tools that extend for the Apple application to anything and everything they can find on the web.

Hardware - Kodak's Zi6 is the still/video camera of choice -

johndarcy said...

Innovation/Creativity/Critical Thinking...

Creating the intellectual and emotional context, physical environments and engaging lessons are what teachers bring to the learning and teaching experience.

Although there are some digital tools that have the potential to provide opportunities for Innovation/Creativity/Critical Thinking - it is the innovative, creative and critical teacher who motivates, teachers, inspires learning in others.

The Knowledge Forum has the potential to engage learners in metacognitive experiences but, it is ultimately the learner who decides if her or she is going to engage, to learn. A great teacher supports, protects, guides students so that they come to their learning with open minds and open hearts.